ЭТОНОВО - безглютеновый хлеб и смеси для выпечки

"ETONOVO"- is a simple, healthy and natural product of premium quality. Our bread and baking mixes are about forming healthy habits. Over the years, we have tried more than a hundred ingredients in search of the perfect balance of taste and benefits. Having revived the most ancient and honest recipes, we have created a unique product the standard of healthy baking nutritious and natural bread. Our bread and mixes do not contain traditional cereals, rice, buckwheat, corn and legumes. Our product does not contain lectins, gluten, sugar, lactose, preservatives, dyes and yeast.

We form healthy eating habits our products are 100% natural. We have replaced all the harmful ingredients in traditional baking with healthy ones. 1. Without flavorings 2. Without yeast 3. Without flavoring additives 4. Without fillers 5. Without sugar 6. Without dyes 7. Without preservatives 8. Without cereals 9. Lactose-free 10. Gluten-free


Мука кассавы «ЭТОНОВО», 1000 г.

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"ETONOVO" is suitable for people with celiac disease

Each "ETONOVO" product has been tested in the laboratory for gluten content

"ETONOVO" is suitable for people with celiac disease

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Invisible to the eye, violators have issued an ultimatum: sugar, fast food and acne.

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